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An Insight Into The 3 Leading Air Conditioning Unit Manufacturers

When it comes to recommending, designing and installing air conditioning systems Robinsons MEA only work with the best. It is important to us that you have the superior and most suitable equipment, but it doesn’t just end there. We are also committed to an after sales service, which ensures you have access to excellent customer service, quality spare parts availability and the most beneficial warranty agreements around. To achieve this, we partner with the best air conditioning manufacturers in the business.


One of the leading electronics manufacturers since being founded in 1910, the Japanese multinational conglomerate earned a staggering £9trillion revenue in 2017 through diverse business in sectors such as power systems, digital media and even financial services. Hitachi’s air conditioning offers mono and multi-zone climate control with wall-mounted, floor standing and cassette type units which aim to address your building’s air conditioning needs faster, smarter and more efficiently.


Founded in 1910 in Japan, Mitsubishi’s electrical division established its first UK office in London in 1969. Since then it has become a world leader in cooling, heating, ventilation and control through decades of dedicated research, which has developed an advanced range of products offering great flexibility.

Mitsubishi prides itself on an unrivalled service and support infrastructure and heralds an industry leading green philosophy. Their City Multi series is suitable even for large scale VRF applications, offering energy efficiency, low running costs and reduced CO2 emissions.  Mitsubishi as an organisation are challenged to create sophisticated and durable air conditioning systems for residential, commercial and industrial use, and to provide exemplary performance in the wide-ranging climatic conditions found throughout the world.


The third of the famous trio of Japanese giants, Toshiba as an organisation was founded in 1875. Through a series of corporate acquisitions it has grown into an industry-leading electronics manufacturer with a diverse product range, all committed to delivering the highest standards of quality and innovation, with unrivalled customer support, spare parts service, training centre resources and a rewards programme.

Toshiba is a global leader in high efficiency, high performance air conditioning for both commercial and domestic use. Their range of units spans small, compact systems to large distributed VRF systems, suitable both for indoor and outdoor use. They also produce split systems, air to water heat pumps and air to air heat exchangers.

Robinsons MEA’s commitment to our customers

We believe that using only the best manufacturers enables you to enjoy value for money in reliability and energy efficiency, and the wide range of products available, coupled with our industry knowledge and experience, means we can recommend the perfect solution for you.

Our commitment extends to your long term interests, and that means you need a reliable unit that will not break down, but also a unit that will deliver optimum performance and will bring you the energy efficiency results your business needs. To achieve that we believe you have to partner with the very best, and at Robinsons MEA our continued work with Hitachi, Mitsubishi and Toshiba units delivers reliability and consistency in any kind of environment.


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