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Hot And Stuffy Office? Install A New Air Conditioning Unit

The summer months are here and commercial organisations are faced with the annual issue of hot and bothered office workers. Before you know it, opening windows and propping doors open leads to requests for fans and moans of discontent. Pretty soon you are going to be faced with low morale, low productivity and maybe even absenteeism.

A modern office needs all-year-round climate control and increasingly, the modern employee is coming to expect that, and pretty soon it might be employees rejecting an organisation’s suitability, not the other way around. An air conditioning system is the perfect solution to all these issues. It can moderate and control the ambient temperature, it can maintain productivity by ensuring staff are always alert and engaged rather than lethargic and fatigued and it can provide clean, filtered airflow which can remove harmful bacteria and stale air to provide a clean and healthy environment.

Air conditioning installers in Yorkshire

If you are looking for air conditioning installation in Yorkshire or anywhere nationwide, then Robinsons MEA are the perfect solution. We can provide air conditioning systems that are cost-effective, practical and will reduce your carbon footprint, furthermore, you can take advantage of all the latest technology and innovative ideas, coupled with expert, fully-accredited staff who can advise on system design, installation techniques, costs and legislative factors such as the phasing out of R22 gases.

Our air conditioning systems are designed specifically for your needs. So we can position vents and outlets for optimum effectiveness and design a system that takes into account your building size, the types of rooms and the operations that take place there. Even in an office environment there are still challenges to be faced with room layout, computer servers and creating an effective airflow when there could be obstacles such as partition walls.

Nevertheless, our systems use the very latest invertor technology and can offer remote access, so you can control the system from home or pass on management responsibility to other people. We can also offer a centralised control system so you have optimum management of your air conditioning in order to control costs.

Is air conditioning good for energy usage?

An air conditioning system is ultimately a good thing for your carbon footprint, as you are maintaining a stable temperature rather than constantly heating or cooling a room in extreme temperatures. Furthermore, the centralised system allows you to control usage in other, under-used rooms, and you will soon see the results of this on your bottom line, with energy usage typically reduced through installing an air conditioning system in your office.

Robinsons MEA are fully REFCOM-accredited and we are also approved installers for a number of air conditioning equipment suppliers, such as Hitachi, Toshiba and Mitsubishi. This ensures that we work to very high standards and always look to follow best practice and to implement ideas that reflect well on some of the best air conditioning equipment suppliers in the world.

So partner with Robinsons MEA for your air conditioning needs this summer and you will be making an investment that will pay for itself over time, and will ensure that you are fulfilling your duties as a progressive and compassionate employer for this year, and for many years to come.