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Get Warm for Winter With A New Boiler Installation

An inefficient boiler could be costing you money; more money than you think. As your boiler ages, the price you pay to heat your commercial premises in the colder months can start to increase. By fitting a brand new boiler in your business, you could save money and enjoy the benefits of a more efficient heating system all year round.

It is estimated that boilers of 15 years+ are running at a less than 60% efficiency rate. By switching to a new boiler, you could increase that efficiency to over 90%, reducing your overall heating costs and enjoying peace of mind that your boiler is running at an optimum level during the winter months.

It’s easy to assume that commercial boilers can last that little bit longer than domestic boilers, but your business boiler needs the same TLC as your home one. Regular servicing, repairs and maintenance are key in extending the lifespan of your boiler. These could be annual checks or maintenance undertaken more regularly – much of this depends on the age of the boiler.

Winter 2021/22 – It’s Going to Be a Cold One!

This winter is already predicted to be one of the coldest in more than 50 years, with heavy snow and Arctic winds supposedly on their way. With icy temperatures, the last thing your business should worry about is the heating system and installing a new boiler now, or repairing your existing one, will save time and money as winter approaches and your current heating system starts to fail.

During summer, you may turn your boiler off altogether, in which case it’s unlikely you would be aware of any issues until the cold weather sets in and you need to turn it on again. Just like with domestic boilers, commercial boilers need firing up regularly throughout the year to keep things in check, and regular servicing will prolong the life of your boiler.

If you think it’s time for a new boiler installation, we can advise on the best move forward. For large businesses, September is a good month to start thinking about your heating system and if its running as efficiently as it could be. Find out more about our boiler installations or our servicing and maintenance options by getting in touch.

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