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Get a New Commercial Boiler Installation now

The consequences of neglecting something as fundamental as a commercial boiler can be far reaching for any business. Many employers may not consider a boiler to be an integral asset, but whatever the nature of your business, it is central to the functioning infrastructure of your operations and the wellbeing of your employees.

At Robinsons MEA we are experienced in boiler installations across the Yorkshire region and beyond, and many times we have seen businesses failing to foresee the problems that an old and unreliable boiler can cause a business, and this goes far beyond simply cost.

The benefits of installing a new commercial boiler

Providing a warm and comfortable work environment, including welfare facilities, is probably the most basic duty that an employer has, so the consequence of having to negotiate the cold winter months with an unreliable boiler can be grave. It is actually a violation of health and safety regulations to expect employees to work in cold conditions and hence an employer could be prosecuted. But even looking at it less dramatically, uncomfortable work conditions will be bad for morale and the productivity of employees and therefore, the business.

A new commercial boiler will safeguard against this and promote your business as a favourable and accommodating place to work, enhancing job satisfaction and security in the process. Other benefits include adding value to the property should you wish to sell it. A boiler is a considerable investment and a new system will most definitely make the property more desirable and easier to sell, should that be on your mind.

Of course, to many businesses, the bottom line is the critical factor in terms of everyday operations and assessing the pros and cons of any future investments. Probably the biggest and most obvious benefit of installing a new boiler is the lower running costs you should see. Technology has advanced significantly in recent years and so boilers and heating systems are far more flexible, user-friendly and efficient, and hence you get far better value from your investment. This is great financially and also in terms of your environmental footprint.

The final major benefit of a new commercial boiler installation is the reliability and peace of mind this provides. Old boilers can become temperamental and can contain parts that over time will fail and become costly to replace, those parts may even become obsolete. An old boiler can begin to cause so many issues that it is no longer cost-effective, particularly in a business where doubtless you have enough day-to-day problems already. Installing a new system and putting a proper maintenance schedule in place will give you one less worry.

Experienced boiler installers in Yorkshire

Many industrial businesses rely on hot water for certain critical system processes, so to them a reliable boiler is even more important to the ongoing health of the business, but in general, we can advise which type of boiler you should be looking at to suit the particular nature of your business. Most commercial boilers are either combi boilers or system boilers, and which type is suitable to your business depends on many different factors: the size of the premises, the number of employees, the nature of the operations, what you need water for, how quickly you need it and how you prefer to pay for it.

Our team at Robinsons MEA can talk you through the options available and design a system package that provides a cost-effective investment that suits your business, then our B&ES and Gas Safe-accredited and OFTEC-registered engineers will look after the installation and see that it is carried out to the very highest standards. Please contact us today to discuss your new boiler installation.

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