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Does Your School or College Need a New Boiler Before The Summer Holidays? 

For many businesses the summer months are the busiest, even if that is because someone is always covering for people on holiday. But for educational establishments such as schools, colleges and universities, the summer is a period where improvements can be made to the buildings in terms of structure and infrastructure.

The internal framework of an educational building is very important because the organisation has a duty to its students and staff, just like any other business. You must provide a clean, healthy and safe environment, and in a building as big as a school, college or university, that means heating is of primary importance.

Summer might not appear to be the most obvious time to have a boiler replaced, but it is by far the most practical and convenient. There are a number of reasons for this:

Keeping warm

The most obvious reason is that during the sometimes extended period during which the boiler is being fitted, you won’t have any heating, and of course that scenario is far more bearable in the summer. In an educational establishment, a new boiler installation can take up to three days, and so the summer months enable this to go ahead while the building is less occupied and the heating is not required anyway. It also means pipes not being used are not at risk of freezing.

Make the right choice

Planning ahead for a boiler installation in the summer enables you to make an informed choice based on plenty of research and advice. Robinsons MEA can make certain recommendations according to the specifics of your building and the demands of your operation, but in the winter this might not always be possible as you will be facing an emergency situation, and getting a working boiler installed of any kind is the main priority. In the long term, this can cost you in terms of energy efficiency and ongoing repairs.

Plan ahead

Scheduling a boiler installation for the summer months enables you to plan ahead in terms of budgeting, but also means you are not waiting until your boiler breaks down before replacing it, leaving you with plenty of inconvenience, some disgruntled staff and students and a costly repair bill.

Saving money

Installing a new boiler in the summer means you are ready start saving money and maximising your returns throughout the winter. Modern boilers are far more energy efficient, so if you are ready for the chilly periods you will save considerable sums with a new boiler.

Peace of mind

Finally, there is no better feeling than knowing you did the right thing and you are now entering the cold, long winter months knowing you have a new, modern, reliable and energy-efficient boiler to see you through.

It is always wise to prepare your boiler for the winter months with some general TLC, but even if there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with your current boiler, if it is coming to a certain age you have a duty as the head of a large educational establishment to look after the health and wellbeing of your students and employees. When you come back from the summer holidays it will be September already, and there will already be plenty to do. So make sure you are prepared for winter, call Robinsons MEA today on 01423 770094 and we can design the most cost-effective and practical solution for you and look after the installation while the sun is shining.

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