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The Benefits of LED Lighting in Commercial Office Buildings

Any good commercial business will look at all areas of its operations to see where it can save money, operate more efficiently and promote best practice. Increasingly, the area of building maintenance falls into this category as businesses look in more detail at how they can save energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint and secure more control.

Lighting is a key aspect of the basic framework of a commercial building. It can have a huge influence over productivity and morale as well as basic health and safety. Getting your lighting right is important in creating a safe and comfortable working environment and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have emerged in recent years as the go-to lighting system that commercial businesses have identified as offering the most benefits.

Financial Benefits

The purchase cost of LED bulbs has reduced considerably in recent years, but there are three key operational benefits that will provide long term cost savings also. Firstly, LED bulbs use less energy than fluorescent bulbs and you should eventually see this on your energy bills. LED bulbs also last much longer, so you are not required to change them as often. Finally, LED bulbs give off much less heat than traditional halogen bulbs and many commercial businesses have found that air conditioning costs are reduced in the summer months as a result of this.

Financially, LEDs provide a good return on investment, which industry experts say is around 1-2 years, if you are investing in completely changing all your lighting over to LEDs. A further financial benefit is that LEDs in some commercial businesses can be retro-fitted, meaning you may be able to keep your existing lighting fixtures and just replace the luminaire with LEDs.

Environmental benefits

Apart from using less energy than other traditional types of bulb – up to 80% less in some cases – LEDs offer environmental benefits in terms of disposal. Fluorescent bulbs contain traces of mercury and as a result require special disposal routes. LED bulbs do not contain mercury and hence are easier and less costly to dispose of.

Health benefits

LED bulbs are much brighter than some traditional bulbs, and a number of case studies have shown that they produce a better light quality. Also, LED bulbs don’t flicker or buzz like fluorescent bulbs can. A dim or flickering light can cause eye strain, headaches or migraine. Over the longer term, poor lighting therefore can lead to stress and mental issues, and of course this all affects a person’s health and productivity. From a health and safety point of view LED bulbs are also more durable and are harder to break or shatter.

Control benefits

Technology now allows you to control your LED lighting environment with dimmers, timers, occupancy sensors and smartphone optimisation. This allows you complete control and has knock-on benefits financially and for the environment. LED lights also allow you more versatility as they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. So you can get the same financial, environmental and health benefits from installing LED lights in car parks, entrances and external walkways.

Robinsons MEA have specialist engineers with years of experience in designing and installing lighting systems for commercial businesses, and we can talk with you and agree a system that offers you all the benefits you need. Contact us today and start getting the financial, environmental, health and control benefits of LED lighting as soon as possible.

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