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Wood Burning Appliances: Clean Burn Technology

In today’s modern age, we’re always looking for new cost-efficient and energy efficient ways to generate heat and one of the most hotly discussed topics at the moment is clean-burn technology.

How it Works

The concept is relatively simple; a stove that has clean-burn technology basically has pre-heated air which is supplied into the firebox. As the air is already at the required temperature, when it mixes with the gases from the fuel in the stove then it gives a cleaner burn than with traditional wood burning appliances.

The Advantages

There are 3 clear advantages to using a stove with clean burn technology:

1) Higher Heat Output – when using a wood burning appliance, we want to ensure we can achieve maximum heat and sometimes this means using more fuel as a consequence. However, with clean-burn technology using pre-heated air, we need less fuel to heat a room and therefore spend less money on fuel.

2) Cleaner Burn – new clean-burn appliances are more environmentally friendly than traditional open fires or stoves. More hydrocarbons are burnt and that means there are less being emitted from the chimney which is better for the environment. A wood – burning stove is carbon neutral but the clean burn technology means the flammable gas that can escape is significantly reduced.

3) Safety First – with any wood burning appliance, chimney fires are still a danger we often overlook. It’s not uncommon for the flammable gases to set alight but with clean-burn technology reducing the number of flammable gases, it offers greater safety benefits.

The Importance of Wood

Of course, clean-burn technology is proving beneficial but did you know the fuel quality is also important? Poor quality fuel can result in poor quality efficiency and burn. For example, the moisture content of wood can reduce combustion reaction. Some studies have shown that 50-60% of the weight of the wood can in fact be water and logs need drying out before they can be used as firewood.

Clean-Burning Appliances

With wood burning appliance products improving and clean-burn technology readily available, gone are the days of having to sit in front of old inefficient open fires which pollute the environment and don’t offer the same level of heat output. The more people know about clean-burn technology, the more we can collectively help the environment and stay warmer!

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