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10 Benefits Of Biomass Heating

Biomass heating is suitable for both domestic and commercial operations, and is a sustainable energy of the future. At Robinsons we have extensive knowledge of biomass boilers and all forms of renewable energy. We can work with you to establish your requirements and what system best suits you, and certainly biomass heating could be one of those. Here, we look at ten of the benefits of biomass heating and how they could apply to your business.

Control over fuel expense. Whether you use wooden logs, chips or pellets as your biomass fuel there is an expense involved. However, that expense is far more stable than other more traditional fossil fuels which have more volatile markets, and therefore biomass heating gives you more control over your energy expenses.

Cost savings. For commercial properties with high heating requirements and consumption there are annual savings on fuel costs using biomass fuels compared to fossil fuels.

Financial incentives. With the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) the Government are rewarding users of renewable energies in both domestic and non-domestic environments. There are financial rewards based on fuel emissions which reduce energy bills.

Sustainable fuel. Wood used for biomass heating has environmental benefits as it is classed as a ‘contemporary carbon’. This means that it releases the same amount of carbon when combusted as is consumed when the tree/plant is growing, and hence is carbon neutral. This also means that the carbon levels are consistent and sustainable and because of the low carbon content, emissions are much lower than with fossil fuels.

Woodland benefits. More demand for biomass fuels ie. wood, results in a better management of woodland and forests. This brings with it associated benefits for wildlife and biodiversity.

Local sourcing. Biomass fuels can be sourced locally which has various benefits for the supply chain. Transport costs, handling costs and environmental impacts are all reduced through sourcing local biomass fuels, while the local economy thrives.

Pollutants. Biomass fuels have minimal pollutants as they are almost smokeless, which has a positive environmental impact and also helps with qualification for RHI incentives.

Flexibility. There is scope within a biomass heating system to integrate other heating sources if required. Many commercial applications cannot necessarily get all their energy demands from renewable sources, but a biomass boiler can accommodate other traditional heating sources such as gas, oil or LPG to offer some flexibility.

Low maintenance. It is recommended that any biomass heating system is professionally installed and Robinsons can walk you through the process from the design stage through to installation and operation. We will also carry out periodical maintenance, which it is advised is carried out by a qualified third party, but costs are relatively low as the biomass boiler is a simple system. Ongoing maintenance by operators on-site on a weekly basis is also straightforward and amounts to visual inspections, occasional lubricating of moving parts and emptying and disposing of ash from the burner.

Automation. A biomass heating system can be automated to the extent that it almost runs itself. Depending on the scale and size of your system, fuel can be toped up via a hopper for varying periods of time to suit, and thermostats control the heat output, leaving minimal operator involvement.

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