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Site Set-Up Services: What To Do When You Need Temporary Site Services

Project managers in the construction industry are used to working in a situation where the goalposts are constantly moving. From one day to the next you are faced with different challenges, a different environment, but the same critical responsibilities; safety, security and getting the job done. These same problems can also be faced if you are refurbishing a workplace or simply moving offices, and in this kind of situation you need a consistency of essential services and practical solutions to ensure a project can progress as required whilst you face these temporary challenges.

Certainly on construction sites a work environment can quickly descend into chaos, with multiple trades on site requiring power, access and safety controls and the landscape changing every day. In this scenario you need critical infrastructure services and a system that manages constant change and logistical issues. The temporary site services provided by Robinsons MEA do just that.

What are site set-up services?

Temporary site services are the essential controls you need to maintain in a changing environment, so that you can rely on critical factors being in place at all times. Robinsons MEA can map out and supply these essential services and manage them to adapt to changing circumstances.

We have specialist trade knowledge and skilled, qualified and accredited staff who can assist in implementing and managing temporary site services for:

Electrical installations and transformer distribution


Fire Alarms

Water supply and hygiene

All site & emergency lighting

Generator hire

Testing and PAT testing

First Aid and emergency health and safety provision

Access Control & CCTV

Security Guards, Cleaners & General Labour

What are the benefits of temporary site services?

First and foremost, allowing Robinsons MEA to implement temporary site services ensures your health and safety obligations are covered and your site can operate from a legal point of view, and then as closely as possible to normal working conditions. You will have one dedicated point of contact which means a co-ordination between multiple trades and disciplines is possible, and a cohesive working environment can be established and maintained.

You have levels of expectation in terms of how your site operates and our service enables this to continue, whatever elements of change or disruption are introduced. Our experienced and dedicated staff can adapt your site continually to ensure critical standards and practical processes are maintained, and to enable your site to function properly.

At Robinsons MEA we know that working efficiently and cost-effectively is critical throughout the construction or refurbishment process, so we can provide a service that enables consistency and practicality and that is adapted to suit the project lifecycle. We have unrivalled knowledge of many different industry sectors and have experience of employing this across the UK in many different sites and environments. Please call us today and discover what we can do for your site set-up with our full range of site set-up services.

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