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5 Benefits Of A Social Housing Refurbishment Contractor

Working in the social housing sector exposes you to multiple disciplines and a variety of different environments and systems of working. The experience that Robinsons MEA has in this area, therefore, is vital, as we can cover a multitude of requirements in terms of installing and maintaining domestic features and services both internally and externally.

Our social housing work includes kitchens and bathrooms, windows, doors and roofing, as well as vital health and safety checks on water usage, electrical testing, drainage and alarm systems.

Robinsons can look after the full spectrum of social housing requirements and bring years of relevant experience. But some housing associations still need some convincing on the benefits of employing refurbishment contractors, so let’s have a look at where we can specifically help you and bring considerable benefits.

  1. Professional service

Using a refurbishment contractor ensures a level of consistency across all your social housing properties. This brings benefits in ensuring the same standards are applied, and you can put systems in place and work with the contractor in the knowledge and expectation that work will be completed to the same standard in all cases.

  1. Engagement

Working in social housing brings the contractor in contact with a variety of people, often those in a vulnerable position or condition. It is sometimes a help to those people to see a familiar face or an organisation they can trust, and this is what employing a regular contractor can bring, including a degree of flexibility that comes from building relationships with people over time. Social housing occupants need to know where they can turn for help and having a formal agreement in place with a refurbishment contractor is an attraction and peace of mind for the residents.

  1. Compliance

Our procedures, training and industry accreditations ensure that you have compliance across all your properties with regards gas and electrical installations. This allows you to fulfil your duties with regards your landlord responsibilities and the provision of a safe and healthy place to live, and which also complies with environmental performance requirements.

  1. Maintenance

Having a social housing refurbishment contractor in place gives you and your residents peace of mind that maintenance issues are covered on a 24/7 basis. This enables residents to have direct access to trusted and reliable help when they need it.

  1. Availability

A core benefit of having a refurbishment contract agreement is being able to call on your contractor at short notice. This is separate to having on-call maintenance cover, and gives you some reassurance that large scale refurbishment jobs can be accommodated at relatively short notice. This allows you to plan jobs such as kitchen and bathroom installations, or outside guttering or roofing work, knowing that you will be able to get the work done when it suits you and you can budget accordingly.

Robinsons already work with some well-known housing associations and have built up a formidable reputation as a trusted and reliable social housing refurbishment contractor, so give us a call today and we can discuss your requirements and design an agreement to suit you and your properties.  Find out more here.

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