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Heat Pumps – Why Are They So Overlooked?

When the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme launched it brought hope that more homes and businesses would choose to adopt heat pump technology in return for the favourable financial subsidies on offer. However, the expectations of how powerful the RHI launching could be has fallen a little flat.

When solar panels were introduced, there was a real sense of people wanting to get on board and the renewables industry was gaining popularity. Heat pumps were expected to do the same but there seems to be a lack of awareness about just how beneficial heat pump technology could be, and the RHI hasn’t helped with significant gains in heat pump promotion.

With two types of heat pump technology – air source and ground source – its important to know the difference between the two. Ground source heat pumps offer the most efficient solution, simply because heat rises, so you can maximise the building’s temperature from the ground up. Typically, air source heat pumps need to work a bit harder to achieve the desired temperature.

Research shows that growth in the heat pump market is somewhat challenged by cheap heating alternatives. A heat pump could cost as little as 4.8p / kWh, with natural gas coming in at around 6p / kWh. Because gas is more commonly known, we need to start making more noise around heat pump efficiency to rival the existing energy sources.

Plus, if your home or business doesn’t have access to mains gas, then heat pumps, either ground source or air source, could offer a really great solution.

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