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5 Reasons Why You Should Install An Air Conditioning Unit In Your Workplace This Year

5 Reasons Why You Should Install An Air Conditioning Unit In Your Workplace This Year

Businesses have a constant battle on their hands to balance organisational needs with requirements for investment in direct and indirect costs. Sometimes, an indirect cost comes along that appears to be a significant investment, but which can bring immediate and long term benefits. In trying to construct a justification for this kind of capital outlay, it is necessary to build a case in support of the investment, and with air conditioning these benefits are well established and provide a compelling case.

Of course individual businesses have different needs and carry out different operations, but the key benefits of installing an air conditioning system apply across the board, and here are the main five


It is a proven fact that employees can start to feel fatigue in hot and humid conditions. This not only slows them down physically and leads to a general lethargy, but it can start to affect the thought processes and lead to errors and a loss of concentration. Without an air conditioning system, employees are forced to open doors and windows to create air flow and an ingress of colder air, and this can lead to distraction from external noise, further hampering productivity.


This can be a major problem in some organisations, and an air conditioning system does at least reduce the possibility of germs and diseases spreading. Air quality is improved with an air conditioning system as it draws out stale internal air and replaces it with filtered external air. It will also remove moisture from the air which prevents the build-up of mould and other bacteria and further reduces the possibility of employees picking up germs.


While this is connected to productivity to some extent, morale can certainly be boosted by the installation of a good air conditioning system. Employees will feel happier in their work simply because of the improvement in working conditions, but they will also be motivated by the fact that the business has invested in their everyday wellbeing. An employer is making a strong commitment to their employees by installing an air conditioning system and improved morale and togetherness can prompt further benefits for the organisation.

Energy efficiency

Making an investment in an air conditioning system will not be cheap, but a return on investment does come through saving money on energy efficiency. While an air conditioning system does use considerable electricity, in the long run this creates savings compared to using individual fans and through the fact that you are simply maintaining a stable temperature rather than burning energy to achieve more extreme temperatures. Don’t forget an air conditioning system maintains a constant temperature all year round also, which fans and other heating or cooling sources can’t do.


This is linked to energy efficiency in that you can save money by controlling the temperature in individual rooms and in different areas of the building. Rooms or areas of low occupancy or usage don’t need to be air conditioned in the same way as main rooms or offices of high occupancy. This allows you to control your costs and monitor usage closely. The flexible, strategic positioning of vents and coolers in a room can also create maximum effect.

An air conditioning system is widely accepted as a cost effective investment for a suitable organisation to make and the above benefits combine to make it an asset both in the long and short term. Furthermore, a system can be designed and individually tailored to suit your property and operations, which is another way you can make it both energy and cost-efficient. So speak to us today and we can discuss your requirements with you and design the perfect solution to benefit your organisation. Call Robinsons M & E today to discuss an air conditioning installation.

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