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What Does a Boiler Service Actually Entail?

The boiler is an integral part of every home and business, powering both heating and hot water. The first thing you can do to make sure that you’re getting the most from your boiler and to ensure that your boiler is there for you when you need it is to ensure that it undergoes regular servicing. The cost of doing so is likely to pale into insignificance when compared to the amount you could otherwise be spending on unforeseen repairs.

Much like with your car, putting your boiler through regular servicing can go a long way to keeping it running well, all year round. A boiler which isn’t maintained regularly is also likely to be inefficient, costing more than it needs to in running costs.

Gas leaks are very rare in boilers but can present a serious health risk and be extremely dangerous because they can cause fatal carbon monoxide poisoning. The peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that your boiler is safe is always well worth the price of a service..

A Robinsons boiler service will generally consist of the following 14 points:

1. Leak checks – checking for gas leaks is done using a tightness test.

2. Visual check – To look for any obvious faults or leaks, such as water patches.

3. Inspection of flue – To ensure that adequate inspection panels can be installed on the flue, termination and flue joints.

4. Pressure Check – The pressure is checked in the system and if needed, topped up.

5. Safety Checks – Ensuring that all safety components are working correctly as per the Gas Safe Register.

6. Flue Gas Analyser– Readings are taken to check that the flue is operating safely.

7. Condensed Trap – Applicable to condensing boilers only – the trap is cleaned out.

8. System Filter – Where necessary the filter is cleaned out.

9. Controls – All controls will be inspected and oiled if necessary.

10. Burners – We will check the burners are fully operational.

11. Operating Pressures – The pressures are checked to ensure they are within manufacturer’s pressure limits.

12. Seals – The seals are checked to ensure they are bonded to prevent leaks.

13. Flame – All components for the ignition and flames are checked and replaced, if required.

14. 2nd Leak Check – Another leak check is carried out to make sure no further issues have developed during inspection.

For more information on boiler servicing and repairs, please get in touch.

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