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Renewables: What’s Right For You?


The UK Government has recently provided a clear commitment to the installation of renewable energy and has made a pledge of £7.6 billion towards renewable technologies.


The government has further committed to reducing unnatural CO2 emissions by 34% before the year 2020; this will be accomplished using renewable energies. The latest heat and electricity generating technologies are as follows:


Heat Based Technologies
• Biomass
• Air Source Heat Pumps
• Ground Source Heat Pumps
• Solar Thermal


Electric Generating Technologies
• Solar Photovoltaic (PV)
• Micro Wind


Robinsons MEA Ltd is committed primarily to the heat based technologies, predominantly Biomass and Air Source Heat Pumps, with Ground Source and Solar Thermal being undertaken as and when required on projects.


Solar Photovoltaic is also in the latter category, being particularly worthwhile from an investment point of view.


At this time however, Biomass is particularly at the forefront of renewable energy due to the potential returns from the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (RHI). Biomass is a proven technology and has been widely used in countries such as Austria, Finland and Denmark.


Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) can be up to six times more efficient than traditional heating methods, helping to reduce fuel bills and carbon footprint. ASHP work on a refrigeration cycle and extract heat from the outside air no matter what the temperature. It should be noted however that a heat pump uses electricity to run and although very efficient when compared to electric heating, they are only ideally suited from a running cost point of view for buildings off mains gas.


Ground Source Heat Pumps are similar to ASHP but tap into heat sources stored in the earth itself. Heat from the earth is provided via bore holes drilled deep into the earth, or from a series of pipes buried at a shallow depth under the surface.


Solar Thermal and Solar Photovoltaic are both mounted on roofs and produce hot water (solar thermal) or generate electricity (PV).


The main step when looking at how to apply renewable energy to an existing building is one of education and being aware of what is available and which of the technologies best suits your individual needs. Only the correct solution and application will be of any benefit.


Contact us for help in choosing the right renewables solution for you.

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