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Preparing For Summer With Pre-Season Air Conditioning Maintenance

With summer fast approaching, we’ve been lucky enough to see a little glimpse of sunshine over the last few weeks across the UK. At this time of year we’re probably more focussed on our upcoming summer holidays than we are on our air conditioning systems, but now really is a good time to consider routine maintenance to make sure your system runs at optimum efficiency.

Many commercial air conditioning units require an annual service but some will require a 6 monthly or 3 monthly service to ensure the air exchange works as efficiently as possible. If you’re not sure about your particular unit, get in touch and we can assess this for you. Regular servicing is particularly important for schools and hospitals in high footfall areas.

Not only does regular maintenance ensure your unit works properly, it can also help improve energy efficiency, in turn reducing running costs. Of course, if looked after, you’re less likely to have to replace your air conditioning unit for many years to come, which is good to know.

As the summer weather arrives, a faulty or broken air conditioning unit can make hot weather quite unbearable. When you’ve invested in a quality unit then keeping it in tip-top condition will help prevent those dreaded problems just as the warmer weather kicks in. As the old adage goes, “prevention is always better than the cure”!

Only qualified engineers should be instructed to maintain and repair air conditioning units, usually FGAS or REFCOM qualified. Here at Robinsons we have a team of specialist air conditioning engineers on hand to keep the air you breathe as clean and filtered as possible. Talk to us today and we’ll make sure your business is ready for the UK summer with a clean, efficient air con system.

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