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Essential Tips For Pre-Winter Heating Checks

It almost feels like someone flicks a switch off as soon as August turns to September; the mornings and nights are darker and condensation starts forming on the windows again. It’s the same every year and we know it’s coming, but it’s still something we never quite get used to. But while we try to resist putting the heating on before October arrives, now is the time to make sure everything in your business is working OK, and your heating system is ready for the punishing demands you put upon it over the long winter months. A few simple checks now could prevent a couple of uncomfortable days in January trying to get a Gas Safe qualified boiler engineer out to fix your system, so before you adjust the thermostat and spark your heating system back to life, make sure you have addressed these:


Putting rugs on wooden or tiled floors and keeping internal doors closed (and obviously external) all helps to keep heat in and puts less pressure on your heating system.


You should finally attend to that window seal that’s been letting in cool air all summer, this and preventing any other draughts in doors and windows will help stop chilly air entering the premises and will keep those energy bills down.


The key with radiators is to make them more efficient and get the most out of them. Move furniture away from them to let the warm air circulate in a room more effectively. If you have thermostatic radiator valves you should adjust them according to your needs, and don’t overheat rooms you rarely use. On a similar theme, you should check any timer programs to make sure your heating is coming on and turning off at the right times.


Any outside pipes should be lagged with a foam insulator to prevent them freezing and bursting.

Utility provider

Now is a good time to look at your energy supplier and assess whether it’s time to change to a different tariff or provider. Major savings could be made if you shop around before your usage increases.

Boiler maintenance

A boiler service doesn’t just prevent an unexpected breakdown, it helps reduce bills by ensuring your heating system operates efficiently. Therefore, a boiler service in the Autumn is recommended, but a maintenance and service agreement with a recognised and trusted organisation like Robinsons, is worth looking into so that you have qualified help at hand to attend to issues as soon as possible and peace of mind that your building will remain warm, cosy and comfortable throughout the winter.

For more information on pre-winter heating checks, please contact us.

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