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Keep Your Cool by Scheduling Maintenance for Your HVAC System

Common in both industrial and commercial buildings, heating ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) are often overlooked in regards to scheduled maintenance, quite surprising as they can contribute more than 40% to the company’s electricity bill! Poor maintenance of your air conditioning system can be catastrophic, with temperature fluctuations affecting productivity and motivation, a longer lasting consequence […]

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At a Glance: Biomass

The ‘old style’ biomass boilers – with their clunky manual loading systems, frequent cleaning, maintenance requirements, poor efficiencies and limited product range – are now thankfully a thing of the past. The new ranges of modern systems (predominantly from Austria) boast fully automatic self-cleaning facilities, an array of intuitive loading systems and efficiencies which are

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Renewables: What’s Right For You?

  The UK Government has recently provided a clear commitment to the installation of renewable energy and has made a pledge of £7.6 billion towards renewable technologies.   The government has further committed to reducing unnatural CO2 emissions by 34% before the year 2020; this will be accomplished using renewable energies. The latest heat and

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