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Air Conditioning – Creating a Quality Indoor Environment

Air Conditioning alters the property of air to create more comfortable conditions in an occupied space; such as buildings, houses or vehicles. It used to be a term that was predominately associated with a foreign holiday, rather than it being the essential installation it is today in many hotels and offices across the UK.

With the main benefit of air conditioning quite simply being that it cools the air in the space we are in, it actually does so much more. The installation of air conditioning offers a wide range of benefits that may not be immediately obvious, however are really worth considering.


Moderating the air temperature within a building is usually the main use of air conditioning. In an office environment it enables us to work productively and efficiently, ensuring we are comfortable with the temperature of the air. In retail environments air conditioning can be seen to encourage shoppers to stay in the shops longer while taking advantage of the air temperature.


A great bonus to many modern air conditioning systems is that they also provide heat to an occupied space, and just as quickly if not quicker than most other heating options. Most systems use energy efficient heat pump technology which uses around 80% less electricity than any other form of electric heating.

Indoor Air Quality

Air conditioning can not only provide cool air and heat, it can also improve air quality. It initially gives you the option to keep your windows closed, keeping out insects, allergens and noise pollution. It takes the moisture out of the air which reduces the unbearable humidity levels that can be associated with heatwaves in the UK. As well as clean air improving air quality, there is also the added benefit that most systems include filters which specifically remove the bacteria, dust and pollen in the air.

Air conditioning makes huge sense in commercial properties, offering a win-win situation for everybody involved. If you would like to find out more on air conditioning and the services we offer, please get in touch.

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