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Talk to the market experts in quality construction site security systems or choose the right camera from the range below.

Robinsons CCTV Tower

The temporary Robinsons construction site security camera, with intelligent intrusion detection to stop crime, not just record it.
HD video
Intruder detection
Live view, all devices
1 year video storage

Modern security, at its best

Harnessing AI intrusion detection, our Robinsons system has a brain that watches your site via its cameras, looking for intruders after hours. The result is higher accuracy, more extensive range and quicker police response.
Our partner monitoring station is manned 24 hours to ensure our clients receive the service and support they need, whenever they need it.

High-definition video, live-streamed to any device

Access your site in real-time or playback video events in HD quality. Any device, any time, your Robinsons system is always ready to give you a clear vision of on-site activity.
Night vision
Utilise our smart infra-red night vision lights, which give you a market-leading flood of infrared light across your site, only viewable through our Robinsons cameras.

Stop the crime, don’t just record it

When the Robinsons system detects an intruder on-site, our loud siren is set off, while our 24/7 control room observe the intruder’s movements. Instantly access high-definition footage of the security event.
On-site alarms will be alerted and verified by our 24/7 control room who will have the discretion to dispatch police instantly.
The process is quick and systematic, and no security call-out fees are incurred.
Standard with every Robinsons system