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Electrical Inspection And Testing: What’s Involved?

Like anything installed in a commercial environment, electrical installations deteriorate with age and use, particularly in ‘challenging’ environments where dust or other materials or even physical damage can affect the integrity of the wiring. Furthermore, wiring in a faulty or … Continue reading

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Exploding The Myth That Air Conditioning Is Only For Cooling

In a climate like we have in the UK, where we experience reasonably large fluctuations at predictable times, it makes sense to have good, all-year-round temperature control regardless of our environment. We are also increasingly looking at improving the utilisation … Continue reading

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What Are Buffer Tanks And What Do They Do?

Buffer tanks are an easy way to make most renewable energy projects even more efficient. Whether you are using solar hot water, heat pumps or a wood-fired biomass boiler, an accompanying buffer tank is a simple solution to reducing your … Continue reading

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Solar Air Conditioning: Is It The Future?

The use of air conditioning worldwide is still on the increase. It is almost a standard requirement in some workplaces and retail environments and of course in hotter climates the demand on a domestic level is huge. But air conditioning … Continue reading

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10 Benefits Of Biomass Heating

Biomass heating is suitable for both domestic and commercial operations, and is a sustainable energy of the future. At Robinsons we have extensive knowledge of biomass boilers and all forms of renewable energy. We can work with you to establish … Continue reading

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