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Wood Burning Appliances: Clean Burn Technology

In today’s modern age, we’re always looking for new cost-efficient and energy efficient ways to generate heat and one of the most hotly discussed topics at the moment is clean-burn technology. How it Works The concept is relatively simple; a … Continue reading

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10 Top Tips On Running A Commercial Heating System In Autumn And Winter

There is no way we can avoid heating costs 100%, but there are plenty of things we can do to minimise them and run our heating systems efficiently. We certainly do this at home, and commercial buildings require a lot … Continue reading

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An Insight Into The Latest Electrical Safety Standards

At Robinsons we carry out installations and inspection and testing work in a whole host of different environments and industries, and as such we need to be fully prepared with a roster of engineers who are trained, competent and experienced … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Cascade Boilers

With energy efficiency and savings on the top of every commercial property manager’s list and the impending change under the Energy Act 2011, making it unlawful to let properties that fail to meet minimum energy efficiency standards, set to come … Continue reading

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How To Define The Role Of A Commercial Engineer

Commercial engineering can be defined as applying mechanical and engineering knowledge in a profit-based context. You would be right in thinking that is a definition with a very broad scope, and naturally, that is one of the great attractions in … Continue reading

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